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so. i know this is an ongoing issue but honest to fucking god hOW HARD COULD IT BE TO ADD HER SCARS????

let’s be real for a moment here though

air bubbles

coming from a heart

not that fucking exciting

like yes, it’s exciting that your hunch or whatever was right

but the actual sciency bit of it? she acted like it was the eighth fucking wonder of the world

i’d say that’s closer to an avalanche than a drift

ah yes, i am so glad that when the continuity thing actually happens on this show, it is about crucial moments such as this

Rizzoli and Isles Season 4 Special Features!

Because nobody demanded it! Because I did it last year, and if there’s one thing I keep up it’s traditions!

When Truth Meets Fiction

Building Boston

Remember what fun bloopers are? Apparently TNT doesn’t.

wow many features such fun


I’m totally ok with this new beard as long as Maura FINALLY GETS SOME OF THE LOVE AND RESPECT THAT SHE DESERVES!

here’s gillian anderson traumatizing that child, btw

can’t talk about it and then not show it to you